– Drinks wine and eats ice cream.

Bandits struck once again in Amelia’s Ward once again, this time invading the home of a couple who left for their farmhouse earlier. Reports are that the home belonging to Mrs. Jennings, located at 1761 Central Amelia’s Ward, was broken into by unknown persons. It is reported that the homeowner had left to attend to her farmhouse in another district when the incident occurred. The woman claims that the burglars even helped themselves to edibles that were in her home prior to when she left it. “They eat out de ice cream, drink de wine, de rum and is like they had a feast.” the woman exclaimed.
Neighbours claimed that they didn’t see or hear anything unusual, except that the dogs were unusually loud that evening. One neighbour claimed that when she heard the dogs barking she called the home of Mrs. Jennings but this was to no avail. She said she resorted to calling another neighbour who recounted that Mrs. Jennings was not at home. The woman said that she paid no further heed to the barking dogs after that.
Some of the reported stolen items are a freezer, surround sound system, computer, printer, TV, DVD, digital cameras, two cases of red wine, jewellery and an undisclosed amount of cash. Police are currently conducting their investigations into the matter.


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