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Businessman charged over shooting outside Bartica nightclub

Vivendra Balgobin, a 46-year-old businessman of Lot 21 Fifth Avenue, Bartica, Region Seven, was on Friday slapped with an attempted murder charge and remanded to prison.

Balgobin was hauled before Magistrate Christel Lambert in the Bartica Magistrate’s Court, where the charge was read to him.

It is alleged that on August 30, 2023, Balgobin attempted to murder Conroy Cox, called ‘Pinkboy.’ The 46-year-old businessman was remanded to prison until September 6.

The Police had reported that Balgobin and two other friends were at Paradise Night Club imbibing on the day in question.

While passing, a friend of Balgobin hit the table where Cox and 18-year-old Lavella Douglas were sitting, causing the bottles to fall and spilling the alcohol on them.

This triggered a heated confrontation between Cox and the accused. Cox threw some liquid substance in Balgobin’s face during the row and allegedly assaulted him.

After that, Cox left the location and returned shortly in his vehicle, where he continued to hurl abuse at the accused, Police had said.

Cox exited his vehicle, and in so doing, the accused took out his licenced Glock 45 firearm and discharged several rounds in his direction, hitting him three times to his abdomen.

In the process, 18-year-old Douglas received a shot to her right hand. Both victims were rushed to the Bartica Hospital, where they were admitted.



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