An East Coast businessman claims that he and his workers were harassed by the police at the weekend. The police are however claiming that it received two 911 calls reporting noise nuisance. Here are the details in this report from Javone Vickerie.

In amateur footage seen here, police and several workers of an establishment on the East Coast are involved in a scuffle over the seizure of a laptop belonging to a DJ hired to play music at what was said to be a staff party hosted by a businessman. Also in the video, a police rank is seen a fairly large weapon. While not shown in the video, that weapon was discharged once, creating an uneasy atmosphere for police and those who attended the event. Nightly News visited the business twice, but was informed on both occasions that no one was available to speak on the incident. While the owner of the establishment claims that he and workers were harassed by the police, the authorities on the East Coast say that the DJ was not compliant to the warning of the police. Commander of ‘C’ Division Calvin Brutus told this newscast that it was a neighbour who could not bear the level of noise coming from the yard.

Mr. Brutus further stated that after some time, the 911 emergency system received another call. The Commander said that the caller complained about unbearable noise coming from the same establishment.

Commander Brutus informed this newscast that ranks on duty faced some amount of resistance while trying to arrest the DJ who also resisted police. The police arrested several persons that night.

The authourities confirmed that the actions of the ranks on the night of the incident contradicts the protocol of police when dealing with weapons in a crowd of persons. While a file is currently being put together, ranks on duty that night may face departmental charges.


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