Businessman confesses to staging carjacking incident


The 27 year old businessman who claimed that his Volkswagen Motor van was stolen at Alexander Street, Kitty Georgetown on October 8, has confessed to staging the incident. His bold faced lie has landed him in the custody of the police.
The businessman had initially told police that he had left his vehicle unattended ,with the key in the ignition to buy food at a Chinese Restaurant but when he returned it was missing along with $500,000 cash and , several land transports, copies of agreements of sale for land and all relevant documents for the vehicle.
Police on Thursday night however said that the man during questioning on October 7,by detectives at the CID Headquarters, confessed that the incident was staged by himself and a friend.
The 27-year-old claimed that he staged the carjacking because he was frustrated after he was involved in an accident with the vehicle and the insurance company refused to pay him for the damages, and stated that the plan was to destroy the vehicle to get the insurance benefit.
The vehicle was subsequently recovered on Thursday abandoned at Ogle, Easy Coast Demerara.


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