Businessman, female robbed at gunpoint of over $1M in cash and valuables, more than 30 registrations for vehicles


A 57-year-old businessman was punched to his eye by one (1) of three (3) masked gunmen who tied him up and also tied up a 23-year-old female, who lives at the same residence, after they (bandits) stormed into their home and robbed the couple of their cash, jewellery, cellular phones and 30 registration documents for cars, tractors and combines on Sunday (yesterday).

The armed robbery took place around 20:10h at Friendship, Corentyne, Berbice and is said to have been executed by three (3) masked men who were each armed with a handgun.

HGP Nightly News understands that the perpetrators made good their escape with one (1) diamond ring valued at $3,000 USD, one (1) iPhone ‘XS’ worth $1,000 USD and $550,000 in cash along with the 30 registration documents for cars, tractors and

combines belonging to both the 23-year-old and the businessman.

According to a police statement, the businessman and the woman were sitting in their hammocks when the suspects stormed in, wearing black clothing and fully masked, and held them at gunpoint while demanding cash and all of their valuables.

“They them took them to the upper flat of the building and tied them up and dealt the businessman a cuff to his left eyes causing injuries. The three gunmen relieved the victims of the stated articles and made good their escape. Investigations are ongoing.”


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