Businessman who allegedly threatened mother of his child arrested with gun, ammo while trying to flee from cops


A 47-year-old businessman was arrested with a gun and ammunition inside of his haversack, while he had attempted to flee from the cops, after the mother of his child called the police to report that he was “threatening” her.

The incident occurred on Tuesday (yesterday) around 18:00h near the man’s Wismar, Linden, home.

According to a police statement, the businessman, identified as Toriano Jeffers, had tried to escape from his home after the cops showed up, but he was quickly apprehended.

“A search was conducted on his person but nothing was found.A search was then conducted in the haversack he was carrying on his back and one suspected .32 silver and black LORGIN L390 pistol with serial# 243966 with one magazine inserted, and containing two .38 ammunition were found in the said haversack. He was arrested and escorted to the McKenzie Police Station along with the firearm, magazine and ammunition.” 

Jeffers is presently in custody pending charges.


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