Businesswoman, daughter robbed of cash, gold and valuables on Mother’s Day


four masked men storm into home armed with gun, hammer and knives

A mother and daughter have been left traumatized after four masked men, armed with various weapons, stormed into their residence early on Mother’s Day and robbed the duo of cash, gold jewellery and electronic devices.

The 60-year-old businesswoman of Uitvlugt Estate Road, West Coast Demerara (WCD) and her 23-year-old daughter, a housewife, were alone at home when the armed robbery took place.

Reports are that around 05:30h on Sunday, the older woman was sweeping the bridge at the entrance of her gate when the four masked perpetrators approached her, one of whom choked the businesswoman and dealt several cuffs to her face.

One of the quartet was armed with a handgun, another carried a hammer and the two other suspects had knives in their hands. The bandit who physically assaulted the 60-year-old woman at her gate then dragged her into her house while his accomplices followed.

Upon entry into the home, the suspect armed with a hammer rushed towards the woman’s daughter and held onto the young female by her neck as he placed the hammer towards the side of her head in a threatening manner.

The men then demanded that the females hand over their cash and valuables before they inflicted more harm to the two women.

Terrified that the four perpetrators would do worse, the businesswoman quickly gave the men some $200,000 cash that she had in her house and two gold rings valued at $60,000 in total.

One of the bandits also snatched her cellular phones, a Samsung A20 valued at $48,000 and the other, a Samsung A30 worth $70,000.

Meanwhile, another suspect located the 23-year-old’s Samsung S6 cellular phone, which is said to cost $95,000 and her Amazon Fire7 Tablet valued at $17,000.

Satisfied with the loot, the quartet then made good their escape on foot.

Investigations into the armed robbery continue as police ranks intensify their hunt for the suspects.


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