Businesswoman, relatives robbed at gunpoint of over $800,000 in cash and valuables


A 45-year-old businesswoman from Better Hope, East Coast Demerara (ECD), two (2) female relatives and one (1) male have been left traumatized and are counting their losses after they were robbed at their residence by a gun-toting bandit who escaped in a waiting “white Axio motorcar tinted black.”

The incident occurred around 22:15h on Saturday.

According to a police statement, the perpetrator who was armed with a handgun stole items from the businesswoman, a 21-year-old female, a 23-year-old female housewife and a 45-year-old fisherman on the date and time in question.

HGP Nightly News understands that the gunman made good his escape with one (1) ‘A 21’ Samsung cellular phone valued at $70,000, one (1) ‘A 10’ Samsung cellular phone worth $50,000, one (1) Alcatel cellular phone that cost $6,000, a diamond ring valued at $175,000, one (1) ‘gold band’ worth $300,000, a 10 pennyweight gold chain valued at $100,000, three (3) gold “finger rings” worth $60,000 in total and $80,000 in cash.

The cops stated that on the date and time mentioned above, the victims were in their yard when they noticed a male enter the said yard from the gate.

“He ordered them to ‘freeze’ while pointing a handgun in their direction. They complied and the perpetrator relieved them of the stated articles. One of the victims who was seated at the time got up from his chair and was dealt a lash to the left side face with the handgun by the perpetrator after which he pointed the handgun to the businesswoman’s head and demanded money.”

The perpetrator then ran out of the yard with the articles and cash, making good his escape in the waiting vehicle, which was parked “waiting on him.”

An investigation is in progress.


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