Businesswoman, Security Guard robbed of $500,000 in cash at gunpoint by foreigners


Three (3) bandits, one (1) of whom was armed with a gun, pounced on a 51-year-old businesswoman and a 33-year-old transport Security Guard on Sunday (yesterday) while the duo had been walking and snatched the businessman’s handbag which contained $500,000 before making good their escape on foot.

The armed robbery occurred around 20:00h at Orinoque, Port Kaituma, North West District (NWD), Region One (Barima-Waini) and involved the three (3) suspects who are all believed to be foreign nationals.

Reports are that on the date and time in question, the businesswoman and the Security Guard left their home and were heading to the “waterfront area” on foot.

While they were passing the Port Kaituma District Hospital, they were approached by the suspects who were all dressed in dark clothing, who arrived from the opposite direction.

According to a police statement, one (1) of the suspects whipped out what appeared to be a firearm and spoke in a language that the victims could not understand.

“He then took away her handbag containing the stated sum before they ran, making good their escape. Suspects not yet arrested, investigations ongoing.”


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