– Police claim suspects are ex-policemen.


Police have confirmed that the three men who were caught after robbing a Berbice Cambio, are ex- policemen. The men were caught in a car by police shortly after the commission of the robbery, who intercepted them acting on information. No weapon was recovered but police found a bag with money, a hood and a police cap badge in the vehicle which the men were travelling.

According to reports, the money changer, Heeralall, was on his way home on his motor cycle when a car with three men blocked his path. The men were in a heavily tinted car and the registration plate was falsified. One of the men identified himself as a police and showed the Cambio dealer a police badge. Heeralall attempted to drive away, but his efforts failed. Two of the men approached the businessman and requested that he goes to the station since his presence was needed there. However, the men took the money from the businessman, re-entered their waiting vehicle and sped away. The police were informed and mounted a roadblock at Fort Wellington, West Coast Berbice, where the men were caught. The men claimed their innocence but were arrested by the ranks.

The three men reportedly hail from Albouystown, Georgetown, Melanie Damishana on the East Coast Demerara and Zorg-en-Hoop Scheme, Blairmont, West Bank Berbice. The car bore registration plate, PSS 5406, and is reportedly owned by one of the men who police say is a suspect. The men have changed their story multiple times; even claiming the businessman paid them to stage the robbery. Police are not at all buying that version of the story. Investigations are ongoing and charges are likely to be laid soon.


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