Candlelight vigil held to pay tribute to the 200 lives lost to COVID-19 in Guyana


Tribute was paid to the 200 lives lost in the country due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and prayers aired for the families they left behind during a candle light vigil on Friday night.

Leader of the Opposition, Joseph Harmon, told the gathering that many months have passed when persons grieved the losses by themselves but noted that Friday’s activity was to allow many to grieve and heal together.

Prayers were said for the countless relatives who had to surrender their loved-ones without the familiar funeral ritual due to the imposed COVID-19 guidelines which only intensified their sadness and sorrow.

According to Harmon, as those gathered at the vigil acknowledged the deaths, time was taken to remember each person and the life they lived.

“We have been fighting this pandemic since March 2020 and appear to have grown numb and desensitized to the statistics of the death toll. Hence, I encourage you to see that every number represents a life and the families that are affected.  Covid-19 left in its wake a sobering awareness that we are all united in the sadness that we recognize tonight.”

Harmon stated that it is his abiding hope that Guyanese emerge from this ordeal with a renewed wisdom to appreciate simple moments, to imagine new opportunities and to open our hearts to each other.

Therefore, he noted, the candle light vigil was to be seen a gesture that represents our commitment to every Guyanese citizen.

“The pain we feel unites us to one another as a single people with compassionate hearts. May our prayers strengthen the consciousness of our shared humanity and advance national unity at a time when harmony is a vaccine that seeks to comfort and empower us as one people, one nation facing the COVID-19 pandemic threat that is no respecter of age, race, culture or gender. We also do this as an acknowledgement and reminder that more needs to be done by the administration to enforce the measures which are meant to keep us safe and prevent more loss of life.”

Additionally, the Opposition Leader said that such a vigil must be a resounding gesture of gratitude for the health care worker who tried their best to comfort and restore health and wellness.

“To heal we must remember, not just as individuals but collectively as a nation…we are here because every life is important, every life matter, every Guyanese counts.”


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