Car thief arrested less than 24 hours after being forced to abandon vehicle during chase with cops


A car-thief is now in the lockups after he allegedly stole a taxi driver’s vehicle (HC 8996) but while escaping capture, the car got stuck in “slush” resulting in the suspect abandoning his loot and running away from the cops on Sunday (yesterday).

The suspect was apprehended by the police today (Monday), less than 24 hours after his failed robbery attempt.

The red and silver-grey ‘Fun Cargo’ motor vehicle (HC 8996) which is valued at $900,000 was stolen in front of the residence of its 42-year-old owner (taxi driver) around 11:30h in Mora Street, Mackenzie, Region 10.

According to a police statement, the taxi driver had stopped at his home to drop off an item, leaving his motorcar parked with keys in the ignition, on the road of Mora Street. He also told the cops that he had left $7,400 in cash inside of the vehicle.

Some 10 minutes later, he returned and discovered his car missing. He immediately went to the McKenzie Police Station and reported the matter.

“However, police and the victim were canvassing the area, he shouted out ‘Officer watch me car driving pass dea!’ and it was observed that one mixed male, brown in complexion wearing a black cap was driving the said motor car. Suspect was later identified though not yet apprehended.  Acting on information the mobile patrols in Region #10 were alerted and immediately went in search of the motor car while the victim and the police detail made chase behind the said car to the Amelia’s Ward district.”

During the chase, in the vicinity of Empire Drive the vehicle became stuck in a slush and the suspect exited the vehicle and made good his escape on foot.

“The abandoned motor vehicle was taken control of by the police and stored at Amelia’s Ward Police Station where it is being processed.”

Investigations continue.


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