Caught in the act: Kuru Kururu Man arrested after being caught selling marijuana


Following patrols in Timehri North, Circuit ville, Yarrawkabra, Soesdyke, Coverden, Swan and
Kuru Kururu, police nabbed a man who was allegedly selling marijuana.

According to reports, while conducting a patrol in Kuru Kururu, a male of African descent who was clad in a pink pants, white jersey and flap hat was seen collecting money from several persons which he placed into his pants pocket and in turn, he was observed handing over ‘blue zip lock like packets’ which he would retrieve from a black plastic bag concealed in a PVC pipe affixed to a small derelict wooden building.

The said ranks kept surveillance for about fifteen minutes as the man repeatedly continued the process.

He was subsequently confronted by the ranks who retrieved the mentioned black plastic bag from the PVC pipe affixed to the wooden building. They then searched it in his presence and observed that it had contained several blue zip lock bags containing leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis.

A search was carried out on his person and $55,740 in cash was found in his pants pocket.

The 24-year-old man (who said he is from Wismar, Linden) was arrested and escorted to the Timehri Police station where the suspected narcotic was weighed in his presence and it amounted to 140 grams.

Same was placed into an evidence bag, marked, sealed and lodged.


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