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Celebrate the season in peace and remember the needy, ERC says in Christmas message

Please see the press release:

The Ethnic Relations Commission, (ERC), extends warmest Christmas greetings to Christians and all Guyanese, while remembering the needy during the season and beyond. It is time again to celebrate the goodness of humanity with sharing and compassion.

The past year was not without many challenges, yet the Guyanese tradition of giving has brought smiles and joy to the needy from all ethnic groups, both young and old. The ERC, with its role to promote harmony and good relations welcomes the generosity for which the Guyanese culture of giving is known.

The birth of the Christ child in humble settings continues to be inspirational with a symbolic message of goodness and love for all humanity. The Commission encourages citizens to remember the significance of Christmas in our multi-ethnic society.

Like our other religious holidays, Christmas has overcome religious barriers and Guyanese from all backgrounds observe the festive season. Such a positive development has served to provide opportunities to bring our people together.

As friends, neighbours, colleagues at work or relatives, make a silent and determined promise to promote tolerance and peace. It is our collective duty to galvanise efforts as citizens to achieve national harmony for the sake of our country.

Merry Christmas from the Ethnic Relations Commission!



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