Cellphones, improvised weapons found inside of Georgetown Prison during search


A four (4) and a half hour search by ranks of the Guyana Prison Service (GPS), Guyana Police Force (GPF) Regional Division ‘4A’ and Tactical Services Unit (TSU) at the Georgetown Prison on Monday (today) unearthed a quantity of prohibited items inclusive of cellular phones and improvised weapons.

HGP Nightly News understands that the search commenced at 06:30h Monday (this) morning at the penitentiary’s holding bays and compound located at Camp Street, Georgetown, and ended around 11:00h.

The relevant authorities discovered and seized nine (9) cellular phones, one (1) cellular phone battery, four (4) cellular phone chargers, 10 cigarette lights, five (5) improvised weapons (“jukkers”) and one (1) knife.


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