Cevon’s Waste Management robbed of unclosed cash in early morning break and entry


Waste Disposal Company, Cevon’s Waste Management was on Tuesday robbed of their vault containing an undisclosed sum of cash along two phones belonging to security guards on duty. Police stated that about 2:00hrs, a 56-year-old guard was at his post in a guard hut in front of the building when he was approached from behind by two of the suspects who were armed with handguns and one said “Don’t move or we gon kill you”.

They then held him at gunpoint and took him to the back of the building where the other 64-year-old security guard was and he was also held at gunpoint.
Two other suspects who jumped the fence joined the team after which the glass door to the building was broken and the victims were taken into the building where they were tied up with duck tape.
Three other suspects joined the four and relieved the victims of their phones; One Samsung Galaxy cellular phone valued $15,000 and One ZTE cellular phone valued $17,000 along with the vault that was inside the building.

The suspects then exited the building and made good their escape leaving the victims tied, who later managed to untie themselves and raise an alarm.

Checks were made in the area for the suspects but they were not seen.

An investigation is in progress.


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