Charlestown ‘Sweetie’ vendor stabbed to death


Police are on the hunt for a 30 year old man who stabbed a vendor after he accused the man of sharing a video on social media with him being intimate with his girlfriend a week ago.
Police say the victim, Carl Cameron, age 48 years, of 33 Lyng Street, Charlestown was Infront of his yard selling confectionery on October 24th when the assailant went up to him with a pointed object, suspected to be an icepick in his right hand and dealt the victim five stabs; three to his chest and two to his back.
The victim fell to the ground and the suspect made good his escape.
The victim was picked up and taken to Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, where he was pronounced dead by a doctor, while receiving medical attention. The body is presently at the Georgetown Public Hospital mortuary awaiting a Post Mortem Examination.
Checks were made for the suspect but has been futile.
Investigation in progress.


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