Child dead after reportedly electrocuting himself with drill


An eight (8)-year-old boy is now dead after he allegedly electrocuted himself while playing with an electric drill that had been plugged into an outlet while his parents were not at home.

The boy is said to have been left in the care of his 21-year-old sister, a teacher of Ann’s Grove New Developers School, East Coast Demerara (ECD), when the incident took place.

The child, prior to his demise, was a student of the Clonbrook Primary School and resided in Company Dam, Bee Hive, ECD.

Reports are that on Wednesday, the boy and his older sister had been in the upper flat of their home for awhile when he left her and ventured downstairs. Some 15 minutes elapsed since he left his sister’s company and she called out for him but received no answer.

Shortly after, around 11:15h, the teacher’s younger cousin located her in the house to inform her that the lad was “laying down in the yard.”

According to a police statement, the older sister went in search of her brother and noticed him motionless with froth around his mouth and an electric drill in his right hand.

She raised an alarm and her aunt along with neighbours rushed to her assistance. They placed the child in a taxi and transported him to the Dr. CC Nicholson Hospital, ECD, where he was pronounced dead on arrival by a Doctor on duty.

“It was observed that the area where the deceased was found had mud and the mud was moisted . The deceased’s body was examined and a burnt mark was seen on his right foot (outer). A yellow drop chord was seen running from the upstairs down the front steps,” the police noted.

Investigators reported that the drop chord in question is used to provide power to the family’s washing machine which is located under their house.

“The chord was plugged into an electrical outlet in the upper flat . The electric drill is usually in a small store room in the said yard. The drill and drop cord was seized and lodged at station.”

Investigations are in progress.


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