Guyana celebrates second annual Chinese arrival day. Temika Rodney was at the Windsor Forest Primary School and filed this report. 

Chinese in Guyanapaused for one day in remembrance of that 177-day journey in 1853 when more than 300 Chinese labourers arrived in this country on the Glentanner.  The observance of the 166thanniversary of the arrival  of Chinese in Guyana was marked by festivities and speeches on a sunny day in the compound of the Windsor Forest Primary School, an institution that was more or less adopted by the Chinese Association.

The Chinese ambassador to Guyana recalled that over the years Guyana and China’s relationship has evolved as both countries have supported each other in the international arena.

Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo underscored the importance of celebrating the arrival of the Chinese and acknowledging their many roles and contribution in the education, economic, art and health sectors in Guyana.

The Chinese Association of Guyana donated school supplies to the Windsor Forest primary school which houses the Chinese Indentured Immigrants Monument.


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