Chinese proprietress assaulted, robbed of cash, cell phone by masked armed bandits


A Chinese businesswoman was physically assaulted with a knife by one (1) of three (3) masked bandits who stormed into her home while she was showering her son and robbed the female of her cellular phone and $330,000 cash.

At the time of the armed robbery, the woman’s husband who had noticed one of the perpetrators with a gun, ran into the couple’s restaurant and locked himself in there.

The crime took place around 21:00h on Monday at the Su Pin Chinese Restaurant in Reliance Settlement, East Canje, Berbice.

Reports are that the proprietress, Shoa Mei Li was with her child when her spouse, Cap Zao Kai heard a noise coming from the South of their yard and went to “make checks”, during which, he saw a man armed with a “long gun.”

As a result, Kai ran into the restaurant and locked the door, while the three (3) masked bandits approached Li and one of them used a knife to deal several blows to her head.

The other two men, one armed with a gun and the other who was brandishing a knife, aided their accomplice in forcing Li into her “living quarters” and demanded that she hand over money.

The terrified businesswoman complied and gave the men $330,000.

However, the bandits were not satisfied with their loot and removed her Apple I-Phone, valued at $100,000 from its charging port and pocketed the item.

The trio then started ransacking the woman’s house in search of more valuables.

However, Li told the cops that it was during this point that she “heard someone else talking” and the armed men “suddenly left” her home.

They then jumped over her Southern fence and made good their escape.

Police ranks were subsequently summoned to the scene and combed the area in search of the armed trio but to no avail.

Investigations into the armed robbery continue.


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