Churches broken into, thieves cart off music equipment, clothing, fans


Christians who turned up at the Flourishing Place Apostlistic Ministry Jubilee Center located at Richmond Hill, MacKenzie, Linden, to prepare the building for worship were left in a state of shock when they discovered several items missing and one of the windows and doors open.

The alleged crime is said to have occurred between 20:45h on Tuesday and 09:10h on Saturday.

According to a police statement, one (1) amplifier worth $40,000, one (1) audio mixer valued at $30,000and a gift set consisting of a cologne and watch was stolen.

“On Tuesday 2nd March, 2021 about 20:45 hrs, the church building was secured leaving everything intact. On Saturday 6th March, 2021 about 09:10 hours it was re-opened for preparations for service when it was discovered that the window and door to the eastern side were opened and the above-mentioned items missing. A report was later made,” the statement from the Guyana Police Force (GPF) said.

Meanwhile, members of the Prayer Worship Church located at Lot 6 Crabwood Street, MacKenzie, Linden, have been left in a state of distress after they discovered on Saturday (today) that their place of worship had been broken into and robbed.

HGP Nightly News understands that the crime occurred between 19:00h on Thursday and 08:45h on Saturday (today).

Reports are that on Thursday, Church members facilitated a prayer meeting on the premises and around 19:00h when it was concluded, the build was secured and the now missing items had been intact.

A police statement on the alleged robbery said that this Church was robbed of one (1) amplifier valued at $30,000, two (2) 5 inch speaker boxes, each worth $30,000 and six (6) electrical fans.

“On Saturday 6th March, 2021 about 08:45 hours when the cleaner opened to clean and discovered the above mentioned items missing. A report was later made.”

Additionally, a third (3rd) Christian place of worship reported to the cops that a robbery took place there during the week and the items were discovered missing on Saturday (today).

The MacKenzie Baptist Church of Wismar Street, MacKenzie, Linden, told investigators that the crime took place between 20:30h on Friday (yesterday) and 06:30h on Saturday (today).

HGP Nightly News understands that one (1) keyboard power cord worth $5,000 and a black bag of clothing consisting of several pants and shirts were stolen.

The Guyana Police Force (GPF), in a press release, noted that there was Choir practice at this Church on Friday and around 20:30h when that activity ended, those who attended stated that the building was secured with the now stolen items indoors.

“On Saturday 6th March, 2021 about 6:30 hours when the premises was opened for cleaning it was discovered that the window in the toilet area was removed and the above mentioned items missing. The western door to the back was wide open. A report was later made.’

Investigations into the three alleged robberies at the various Churches are in progress.


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