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Citizens of Georgetown:

Citizens of Georgetown, as we bid farewell to the year of 2022 and welcome the New year 2023, we have endured many challenges and continue to preserve. Over the Years, we have worked hard to ensure that quality services are provided to our citizens. As we move forward in the new year 2023, we will continue to work hard not only to provide quality services but also to continue the battle on democracy for the municipality of Georgetown and our County at large. Democracy must not only be words, but it must reflect in our actions as leaders of this Nation.

For the year 2022, we have passed and implemented policies to raise revenues at the level of the City Council, though the Government has neglected their lawful obligation to our Capital City. I wish to remind the Government that our Capital City is in dire need of its lawful resources.

I will continue to advocate for collaboration with the Government, the Private Sector Commission, the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Civil Society so that we can enhance and develop a capital city of its kind. Our country is heading in a direction of several development due to the oil and gas sector. I must remind Government that the Capital City is where all business is taking place for the oil and gas sector.

As Chief Citizen, I will continue to protect the livelihood of the Vendors. To ensure that businesses are offered equal opportunities to carry out their daily trade. Our Capital City is on the frontline of Climate Crisis, Georgetown is below sea level, our drainage system and garbage disposal is an ancient and vulnerable one hence, we must engage with various stakeholders to find solutions to the decade issues of our City.

The Council appeals to all Guyanese to join hands in keeping the city clean. I also make special appeal to residents and businesses to pay their taxes and get their approval from the respective departments before construction, to ensure building structures follows all regulations to prevent further pollution to our drainage and sewage system. I will continue to work with the city administration to ensure that the process of approval made easier.

The Capital City will continue to build relationships with international partners and friends, to advance collaboration for the development of our City.
I am also pleading with the International Community not to play a deaf ear on the issues encountered during the past year with the current Government.

As Chief Citizen, I salute our Healthcare and Front-Line workers, The City Constabulary, The Pump Attendants, the Guyana Police Force, The Guyana Defense Force and the Public Service at Large.

I intend to address very early in the new year, challenges and to implement new policies to improve critical services of the residents and businesses.

I continue to be proud to serve you the people of the City and look forward to a faithful year together. Happy New Year to you and family as we continue to fight for democracy, as we continue to pave the way for a good life for all Guyanese.

God Bless you, God Bless the Capital City of Georgetown, God bless our Country Guyana.


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