Cleaner robbed of more than $200,000, valuables while walking home


A 52-year-old cleaner is now counting her losses after she was robbed of her handbag containing over $200,000 and other valuables by armed bandit while she was returning to her home on Wednesday (last) evening.

The woman, identified as Annamae Harris of Crane Housing Scheme, West Coast Demerara (WCD) was also physically assaulted during the robbery.

HGP Nightly News understands that the crime took place around 20:50h on the night in question along the “Best Road”, WCD.

Reports are that Harris was on foot heading West along the above-mentioned roadway heading towards her home when she observed a brown motor car which stopped some five (5) feet away from her.

According to the woman, a male, “fair in complexion” exited the back right side seat of the vehicle and rushed towards her while pointing a “dark coloured” handgun in her direction.

She told the cops that the perpetrator then demanded that she hand over her hand bag to him but she refused. The suspect then starting hitting the cleaner’s arm which resulted in her releasing her handbag.

The man then quickly made good his escape with his loot by running back into the waiting motor car which drove away from the crime scene in a Western direction.

According to the woman, her bag which is valued at $4,500 contained $221,000 cash, one (1) black cellular phone with a SIM card, two (2) Scotia Bank cards, one (1) Identification card (ID card) and a National Insurance Scheme (NIS) card.

Investigations into the Robbery Under Arms are in progress.


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