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Coast Guard rescues fisherman after vessel sinks 

The Guyana Defence Force’s (GDF) Coast Guard on Sunday rescued six fishermen after the vessel they were in sank in the vicinity of Iron Punt in the Atlantic Ocean.

A statement from the GDF stated that a two-day search and rescue operation was launched on Saturday last following a distressed report which indicated that a fishing vessel had lost propulsion. 

As a result, three vessels were deployed around midday in an effort to locate the vessel in distress. 

During the search, debris, including the icebox from the vessel, was seen at the foreshore of Iron Punt. Hence, it was suspected that the vessel had sunk.

The Coast Guard ranks continued their search on Sunday with the assistance of a civilian vessel and later rescued the fishermen, who were able to swim some 20 miles to shore. 

The fishermen explained that the vessel sank on February 2, 2023, and they supported each other as they swam ashore. 

The men were taken care of, transported to Coast Guard’s Headquarters, and were received by their families on Monday. 

“The Guyana Defence Force Coast Guard takes this opportunity to remind Mariners to make every effort to ensure that their vessels and engines are inspected and serviced before going out at sea and to be sure to render assistance to any vessel in distress, as mandated by law.” 



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