Coldigen Man Dies by Alleged Electrocution


32-year-old Mark Wells lost his life after he was reportedly electrocuted on September 7.

Police say Wells resided with his 46-year-old girlfriend at Lot 54 Coldingen, ECD, and on the day in question, Wells was in the yard running a wire to a nearby house to receive electricity.

This was related to police by his girlfriend. She said a short while after she heard him screaming and rushed to see what was happening.

The woman further noted that upon arrival she then observed that he was holding a white electric drop cord in his left hand and lying motionless on the ground. She managed to remove the wire from his hand and observed he was unresponsive. She then raised an alarm.

At about 20:50 hours an EMT from the Melanie Fire Station arrived and Wells was later pronounced dead. The body was then examined by ranks and wounds were seen to his left-hand palm and right leg.

The body was later taken to the Mortuary where it is awaiting Post Mortem Examination.

Investigation in progress. No foul play is suspected.


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