Community Policing group pickup involved in an accident on Regent street


On Thursday night, an accident involving a community policing group pickup and a jeep occurred on Regent Street between Wellington and King Streets. According to reports from officers at the scene, motor vehicle #GKK 8684 driven by Quacy Jacobs, a rural constable attached to the Lodge Community Policing group was proceeding east along the northern driveline of Regent Street with two other Rural Constables. As the driver approached a popular Regent street store, the left side front tyre of the vehicle had a blow out causing him to lose control of the said vehicle which spun and ended up on the southern side of the said road and collided with the front of Kareem Abdul-Jabar’s vehicle. The vehicle was parked on the said side of the road facing the western direction.

As a result of the collision, both vehicles were extensively damaged and the driver of motor jeep #PZZ 7076 received injuries to his chest and ribs.

He was picked up in a conscious condition by public-spirited citizens and taken to the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital where he was seen and examined by a doctor on duty, after which he took self-discharge.

His relatives took him to Woodlands Hospital, in the wee hours on Friday morning where he was further seen and examined by a doctor on duty and was later admitted at 03:30hrs in the said institution after suffering from internal bleeding. His condition is regarded as stable.

A breathalyzer test was conducted on the Rural Constable and no trace of alcohol was found to be in his system. Notice of intended prosecution was served on the driver of the motor pickup as he remains in custody assisting with investigations.


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