Computer flash drives with confidential info stolen from PSC


Four (4) USB flash drives comprising information on dismissals, transfers, promotions, pension(s) qualifications and appointments for employees at various Government Ministries and Regions were stolen from an office in the Public Service Commission (PSC) earlier this week.

The simple larceny is said to have taken place between Monday around 16:40h and Tuesday around 07:15h.

Reports are that on Tuesday morning, a male employee who turned up for work noticed that his desk drawer had been prised open and its contents “tumbled.”

Further checks were made and it was observed that the desk drawers in four (4) other offices had also been in the same state.

According to a statement from the Guyana Police Force (GPF), the four (4) USB flash drives containing the above-mentioned information along with seven (7) bottles of Ensure Milk were stolen.

“It was observed that a lavatory which is located on the southern side of the building, there is a glass window above the toilet which was opened, however no signs of breakage were seen on the premises. Investigators have retrieved fingerprints and several persons were questioned as the probe continues.”


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