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Construction worker who assaulted Police rank arrested

Police Constable Harlequin was on Arrival Day assaulted by Kessee Edwards, a 30-year-old construction worker of Lot 62 Friendship, East Coast Demerara (ECD), who has since been arrested and is in Police custody.

Reports are that around 16:45h, Police Constable Harlequin and another rank were performing Traffic Enforcement at the Plaisance Railway Embankment when they intercepted motor vehicle PAD 3136, which was heavily tinted and driven at the time by Edwards. 

Constable Harlequin approached the vehicle, contacted the driver, and told him of the offence of a tinted motor vehicle. Edwards was then invited to the Sparendaam Police Station, where his vehicle would be inspected by a License and Certifying Officer. 

The driver refused and drove off at a fast speed, and in the process, the car’s front wheel went over Constable Harlequin’s right foot. 

Constable Harlequin then entered Force motor vehicle PWW 5767 and proceeded to give chase behind the vehicle, and later intercepted it at Turkeyen Access Road (in the vicinity of MovieTowne). 

The driver (Edwards) exited his vehicle, approached Constable Harlequin, and told him that someone called ‘Demon’ was on the phone and started using a series of expletives towards him. Constable Harlequin then called 911 Emergency for assistance. 

A short while later, Constable Harlequin observed one grey Allion vehicle approach on the western side of the road, driven by a man dressed in a green shirt and short black pants. 

The man approached Constable Harlequin and started using a series of expletives towards him. Constable Harlequin told Edwards of the multiple offences he had committed, cautioned him, and later told him that he was under arrest. 

Edwards started to behave in a disorderly manner and bit Constable Harlequin on his left ear. Edwards and the other man started attacking Constable Harlequin and later dealt him a series of ‘cuffs’ about his body. 

Public-spirited citizens gathered, one of whom confronted the assailants. Edward was arrested and taken to the Sparendaam Police Station, where he was placed into custody pending investigation. Police are looking for the other assailant.



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