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Contractor murders wife/commits suicide

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A 31-year-old man of Non Pariel on the East Coast of Demerara, murdered his wife by strangling her and then committed suicide by hanging. Crime scene investigators identified the couple as Vickram Ramdin, a contractor, and Nandanie Mohabir, 28, who worked as a sales clerk at a Mon Repos store. The couple has two children.

While it is unclear what may have sparked the brutal incident. Mohabir’s mother told Nightly News that she became suspicious after her daughter hadn’t contacted her to say when she would collect her children from her.

However, investigating ranks were told two things – one, that Ramdin suspected his wife of having an affair with a man at work, and often quarreled with her – and two, that Ramdin has a history of domestic violence charges.

Police sources told Nightly News that Ramdin apparently murdered his wife sometime before 6pm on Sunday, but the discovery was only made after 9 pm, the same night.

The woman’s body was found in the children’s bedroom on the ground alongside the bed. Crime scene investigators later cut the rope, supported by pieces of cloth that Ramdin used to hang himself.



  1. Men who find themselves psychologically unstable should seek help. It’s simply and totally unjustified to harm another human being especially a loved one . If one finds themselves justifying such monstrous behaviour then they risk circumstances that will affect far beyond that moment of illness they’re in denial of having.


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