Convict nabbed minutes after daring escape at New Amsterdam Prison


inmate was scheduled to be released from lockups in December

Less than 20 minutes after scaling the fence surrounding the New Amsterdam Prison, Berbice, a convicted prisoner was nabbed by law enforcement authorities and hauled back inside of a jail cell.

The inmate has been identified as Rei Joseph, who prior to his daring but brief escape today, had been serving a 15-months sentence for simple larceny.

Joseph has been scheduled to be released from prison within seven (7) months. His release date was slated for December 11, 2020.

Reports are that around 06:51h this morning, during the ‘unlocking’ of the New Amsterdam Prison, Joseph jumped over the Prison’s fence as part of his escape plan but ranks inside of the towers surrounding the penitentiary noticed him just as he made it across the fence.

An alarm was immediately raised and the Prison Service’s Task Force responded quickly in their pursuit of Joseph.

They gave chase behind the prison escapee and some 19 minutes later, Joseph was recaptured in the Smithfield village area.

Investigations into Joseph’s escape today are currently underway.


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