Cook killed after tree falls on camp, hits her to the head


A 32-year-old female Cook is now dead after a tree fell on the camp she was in and hit her, rendering her motionless, with injuries to her head.

The deceased has been identified as Domelley Cyrus of Port Kaituma Water Front, North West District (NWD), Region One (Barima-Waini).

She is said to have died on Wednesday at Nessano Backdam, NWD, where her camp site is located, some five (5) days after she commenced employment there.

Reports are that Cyrus started duties as a Cook, employed by a 27-year-old to work on his four (4) inch dredge operation and on Wednesday around 07:00h, her boss and his workers left the location to head towards their work site.

Around 14:00h, the man received news that a tree fell on his camp and he immediately returned there to ascertain the damages.

According to the police, the man discovered Cyrus lying “faced up” clad in a black blouse and short denim pants covered by a fallen tree.

The dredge owner and his crew managed to remove the tree from the woman’s body and noticed that she suffered injuries to her head. In light of her being unresponsive, the men made a report about the incident to the Matthew’s Ridge Police Station via telephone.

Cyrus was escorted to Port Kaituma District Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Her body was then escorted to Port Kaituma Mortuary where it is currently awaiting a Post Mortem Examination (PME).


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