Cops attempt to “stop” suspicious car, vehicle discovered abandoned with key inside


The owner of a red motorcar (# PWW 2450), who is said to operate a ‘Car rental service’, is now in police custody after cops discovered her vehicle abandoned shortly after ranks gave chase in a bid to intercept it last evening (Thursday).

The incident took place around 18:23h yesterday at Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo (EBE).

According to a police statement, at that time, ranks acting on information received of a planned robbery, dispatched two patrols into the above-mentioned area.

“On arrival it was observed that a red motorcar fitting the description given was approaching from the opposite direction. The ranks attempted to stop the said car, however the driver sped away but not before he was recognized by one of the ranks. A chase ensued but he managed to elude the police.”

The car was subsequently found abandoned at the back of the Tuschen Housing Scheme, EBE, with the key inside and the doors opened.

“It was taken to the Leonora Police Station and lodged. The owner who operates a  car rental was contacted and after being interviewed, she was placed in custody pending further investigations.”


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