Cops discover firearms, ammo stashed under floor boards of house in Berbice River


Police ranks unearthed a quantity of firearms and ammunition inside of a house at the DeVeldt village, Berbice River, during a police raid there yesterday (Wednesday).

However, no arrest has been made in connection with the find, and an “identifiable male” who was inside of the house at the time of the police’s arrival managed to escape capture.

According to a police statement, investigators received information and swooped down at the house which is situated along the Eastern Bank of the Berbice River.

“As the ranks approached the building, an identifiable male bolted from the house and made good his escape into some nearby bushes. Ranks chased after him but their effort proved futile. A search was conducted on the premises and firearms and ammunition were found concealed under the floorboards.”

According to the cops, they discovered one (1) double barrel 12 gauge shot gun, one (1) 20 gauge shotgun, one (1) .32 shotgun, two (2) OPS air guns, nine (9) 12 gauge cartridges, one (1) 20 gauge cartridge and five (5) .32 cartridges.

These items were taken to the Central Police Station where they were lodged. Investigations into the matter continue.


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