Cops reportedly assaulted by drunk Staff Sergeant, passengers in car


Two Police Constables were physically assaulted reportedly by a Staff Sergeant of the Guyana People’s Militia, who had been driving a vehicle that committed a traffic offence, and two passengers inside of his vehicle.

All three persons were heavily intoxicated at that time. The driver later told the cops that his name was Keron Joseph and he resided in the Wisroc Housing Scheme, Region 10.

He also claimed to be a Staff Sergeant but upto press time did not provide investigators with documents to support such statements.

The incident took place around 17:00h on Thursday (yesterday) in the vicinity of Cornhill and Hadfield Streets, Georgetown.

Reports are that Constable Giles of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) had been performing traffic duties at the above-mentioned location when he observed a heavily tinted motor car (PSS 5836) stopping on the road and as a result interrupted the free flow of traffic.

According to a statement from the GPF today, Constable Giles approached the driver and asked him to produce the relevant documents which he should be in possession of. However, the man reportedly refused.

Another policeman who had been on a motorcycle in the area, Constable Cummings, is said to have ventured over towards Constable Giles and offered his assistance. Constable Cummings reportedly requested that the driver (Joseph) produce the documents but he refused to comply once again.

“Following the second refusal, Constable Cummings cautioned the driver and arrested him and in the process of effecting the arrest the driver assaulted him. At this time, the two other occupants who were in the vehicle at the time joined in and proceeded also both to assault both ranks. However, assistance were summoned via the network and they were all arrested and taken to the Brickdam Police Station,” the police statement explained.

According to the cops, breathalyzer tests were conducted on the driver and each of his passengers. They were all reported having more than the prescribed legal limit of alcohol, 35%, in their systems.

The passengers identified as Albert Grant and Paulette Grant had 165% and 80% alcohol in their systems, respectively.

Meanwhile, the first breathalyzer test conducted on the driver revealed 140% of alcohol in his system and the second (2nd) test revealed 100 %.

Investigations into the matter continue.


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