Couple awakened by bandits in Parfaite Harmonie WBD robbery


A couple was awakened by two bandits during the wee hours of Saturday morning demanding cash and jewelry in Parfaite Harmonie West Bank Demerara. Reports have indicated thus far about 3:45hrs, the 36-year-old male driver and 30-year-old housewife who were sleeping were informed not to move and to hand over money and jewelry by the bandits.
The suspect then proceeded to ducked tape the male victim’s face and bound his hands with straps preventing him from seeing.
The other suspect then pointed a firearm at the victims and demanded cash and jewelry while the other suspect kept watch at the door.
One of the suspects then gun-butted the male victim to his head, who eventually told them where the cash and jewelry were, after which the other suspect dealt the female victim a lash to her back with a cutlass.
The suspects then ransacked the house, demanding the rest of their valuables.
Shortly after the two identifiable males made good of their escape on foot through the front door with an undisclosed amount of valuables.
Reported to police about 05: 20hrs on October 2. No shots however were not fired.


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