COVID-19 vaccines won’t affect breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women: minister


Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women would not be affected if they take any of the COVID-19 vaccines, Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony announced in his COVID-19 update on Thursday.

“The advice has been that during pregnancy you can take the vaccine, however, it is better if those persons who have any doubt, to consult with their obstetrician to just make sure they have that discussion. And I’m sure the obstetrician would be able to clarify and clear up any doubts that they may have,” he is quoted as saying in a Department of Public Information report.

The minister further explained: “Similarly, mothers who are breastfeeding can continue to do so, it is safe to do it. We encourage pregnant women to get their vaccines. We encourage mothers who are breastfeeding to get their vaccines, there is no adverse outcome.”

According to the Ministry of Health, close to 250,000 persons or just over 50 per cent of Guyana’s adult population have taken the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, while around 130,00 persons or almost 27 per cent of the adult population have been fully vaccinated.


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