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Cutlass-wielding duo pounce on taxi driver, wife inside of vehicle

-fires several chops through open windows

A 41-year-old taxi driver is now nursing a chop wound to his shoulder while his wife has been left traumatized after being attacked by two cutlass-wielding men while making their way home on Good Friday morning.

The injured man has been identified as Navin Katwaroo of Tuschen Housing Scheme, East Bank Essequibo (EBE).

Reports are that Katwaroo and his spouse were in their vehicle (PRR) 843 approaching the road that leads into the above-mentioned Housing Scheme when the incident took place.

Two men, each armed with a cutlass, rushed towards the car while the vehicle had stopped to navigate a turn on the road. One of the assailants who was at the driver’s side of the vehicle immediately began firing chops through the open window and managed to land a blow on Katwaroo’s shoulder.

This resulted in the taxi driver jumping over to passenger  seat of the vehicle to avoid more injuries, however, the second perpetrator seized  that opportunity to fire chops through that open window.

HGP Nightly News was told that the incident occurred in front of the taxi base located at the public road in Tuschen and that several persons witnessed the ordeal but failed to render any assistance.

While the assault was taking place, businessman and chartered accountant, Deodat Indar, was reportedly in his vehicle with a female relative when he decided to intervene in an effort to prevent the assailants from inflicting more injuries.

He reportedly  parked his car close to one of the assailants, thwarting further attacks  on Katwaroo .

In the process, one of the suspects broke the windscreen mirror of Indar’s vehicle and dented the car.

After realizing that they could no longer continue their assault uninterrupted, the two cutlass-wielding men ran towards the taxi base, while Indar pursued the armed duo.

However, they managed to  escape 

Meanwhile, Katwaroo reported the matter to the police and obtained medical treatment for his injuries.

Regional Commander, Assistant Police Commissioner, Simon McBean, when contacted by HGP Nightly News today confirmed that investigators are currently trying to ascertain the identities and location(s) of the culprits.



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