Cyanide poisoning confirmed as cause of death for men found dead in Mariott Parking Lot


The Toxicology Results of the remains of Justin Teixeira and Payshnarine Hansraj has revealed POSITIVE results for Cyanide poisoning.

Police headquarters son Wednesday confirmed that the analysis conducted at NMS Labs on Samples recovered from the two bodies indicate a POSITIVE result for Cyanide poisoning in both remains two months after their deaths.

“The findings revealed that both remains had very significant concentration of Cyanide in their body.” A press release from police headquarters stated.

The bodies of two Guyanese men Justin Teixeira and his friend Payshnarine Richie Hanraj were found in a parked car in the hotel’s parking lot on April 23.

Hansraj updated his Facebook (FB) status with the following words: “I hope the world find peace today I love you all”. While, Teixeira’s last FB post wrote: “Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once”

The bodies were discovered by a staff of the hotel, the hotel’s management was then informed and the police contacted.

The police found Hansraj on the passenger’s side slouched over while Justin was seated inside the driver seat. Both men were seen frothing from their mouths.

Detectives originally treated the men’s death as a murder/suicide.


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