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Decomposed Body of Linden Man Found In Puruni River

The decomposed body of 33-year-old Lindener Marlon McCalmon was discovered at Suewanda Backdam, Puruni River on February 21, 2022.

The deceased, of 1 Mile Wismar Linden is believed to have drowned sometime between the 18th and 21st.

McCalmon operated a small dredging pump in the Suewanda backdam along with two other men. The men told police that on 18th they left their camp and went to the work ground where the dredge is located, leaving the deceased behind who they say had told them he was too intoxicated to work. Upon their return to camp later that day they did not see the deceased at camp but the clothes that he last wore were there along with freshly caught fish in a bucket.

They claim that unsuccessful checks were made in the area and the nearby river for the man. However, on the 21st whilst making checks they discovered his body afloat, bloated and in a decomposing state, stuck between some branches in the Suewanda Creek.

When police arrived at the location they were able to confirm an advanced state of decomposition and what appeared to be fish bites were seen about the body.

Arrangements are presently being made to have the body same escorted to Bartica thence to Georgetown for post mortem examination as investigations are in progress.



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