‘Deportee’ allegedly Murdered in Berbice, one in custody


36-year-old Jermaine Elias called ‘Deportee’- a labourer of Lot 44 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Berbice was allegedly murdered at Main and Kent Street, New Amsterdam on Saturday about 11:35 hours.

The suspect, a 40-year-old labourer of Alexander Street, New Amsterdam, Berbice is in custody.

According to police headquarters, a man identified as Kevin Chesney, a 26-year-old construction worker said he was at a Superbet location at Main and Kent Street, New Amsterdam, where there were several persons including the now deceased Jermaine Elias.

Kevin said he was placing bets when Elias left the Superbet location. Subsequently, Kevin said he heard a sound as though something had hit a car. As Kevin turned to see what it was, he saw Elias and the suspect in a scuffle. Elias picked up a mop stick from the road and dealt the suspect a lash causing the mop stick to break. Kevin then saw the suspect went into his haversack which was on his back and took out a grass knife and started swinging it in the direction of Elias who was still attacking the suspect with the mop stick. During the commotion, Kevin saw Elias held on to his neck, after which he made a few steps and then collapsed on the road way with blood oozing from a wound on his neck.

The scene was processed and photographed by Police during which the body was examined for marks of violence and a wound was seen on the left side of his neck measuring about four inches in length. The area was searched and the suspected murder weapon was found one hundred feet away from the crime scene.

Several persons were contacted and questioned where useful information was received.

The body was escorted to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, where it was certified dead by Doctor Yaneius Fernandes, after which it was escorted to Arokuim Funeral home awaiting Post mortem Examination.

The suspect was arested and is presently in custody at the Central Police Station assisting with the ongoing investigations.


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