Diabetic man found dead in Berbice home died from cardiac arrest


-no foul play invovled- Crime Chief (ag)

Fifty-eight-year-old Shazeed Ishmael Khan, who was found dead in his Corentyne , Berbice home on Thursday passed away from natural causes.

This is according to Crime Chief (ag) Michael Kingston, who told this publication today that no foul play was involved in the man’s demise.

He stated that a Post Mortem Examination (PME) conducted on Khan this morning revealed that he died from cardiac arrest.

The body of the now dead man was discovered in his Number 49 Village, Corentyne home by his brother on Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, contrary to reports that the marks on the man’s body were as a result of injuries , a police source explained that Khan was diabetic and those were caused from him falling to the floor; as a result of him suffering from cardiac arrest.


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