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DJ rapes female after luring her into house for “photoshoot”

-tells her to return with documents for flight to attend perfomance by “Shenseea”

A 25-year-old unemployed female of Sister’s Village, West Bank Demerara (WBD), was brutally raped by a Disc Jockey (DJ) last week after she was lured to a house by the man under the pretense of securing a job.

The alleged rapist, 34-year-old Roger Gibbons also known as “Roger Gibson” of Block ‘A’ Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara (EBD) and also La Parfaite Harmonie, West Coast Demerara (WCD) was hauled before the Vreed-En-Hoop Magistrate’s Court, WCD, today in relation to the matter.

He appeared before Magistrate Zamilla Ally-Seepaul and was not required to plea to the charge slapped against him.

Gibbons was remanded to prison until July 23, 2020, and the matter has been transferred to the Wales Magistrate’s Court, WBD.

Reports are that on Monday last, Gibbons apprached the young woman at the Vreed-En-Hoop Stelling area and formed a conversation with her about a “promotional photoshoot” that was scheduled for the following day (Tuesday).

Gibbons then enquired from her if she was interested in a job as one of the models and the unsuspecting female agreed.

He told her  that other models would be at a house in the La Parfaite Harmonie village on Tuesday, last, and she met with him then to be taken to that location.

However, when they arrived at the house, there was no one else there.  According to the female, when she enquired about the whereabouts of the other models, she was told “to wait.”

After some time elapsed, she decided to leave amd return to her home, but Gibbons reportedlt prevented her from doing such while  cajoling her to “go rest on a bed” while they awaited the arrival of the other women.

Still under the impression that a photoshoot would take place, the young lady was told to “change” clothing and lay on the bed while preparations were put in place for the “promotional photoshoot.”

However, shortly after, the DJ allegedly entered the bedroom and pulled off the woman’s leggings while squeezing her breasts. She told the cops that she immediately told him to desist but he continued by placing his hands into her underwear and touching her private part.

Despite her telling him to stop, the man proceeded to have sex with her, even as she tried to fight him off.

According to the woman, she was prevented from leaving the house, even after the man sexually assaulted her and she was forced to stay indoors until he released her.

Gibbons allegedly told her very early on Wednesday morning to “go home” but to promptly return with identification documents (Birth Certificiate and/or Identification Card) so that he could “arrange a passport and flight” for her to visit well-known Dancehall Artist, Shenseea, at an upcoming event.

However, the woman did not think twice about such, and turned up at the police station shortly after her “release” to report the matter.



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