Dogs alert Man to thieves, Duo In Custody


Alerted by dogs barking, a 39-year-old resident of Lamaha Street, Alberttown, Georgetown, saw two males, later identified as an 18-year-old fisherman of Riverview Housing Scheme and a 35-year-old fisherman of Cooper Street, Albouystown, walking in the yard of the 21st Century Building. He then raised an alarm, and the suspects began to run.

He gave chase behind the suspects and managed to apprehend one of them at Lamaha Street between Light and Cummings Streets.

A party of police arrived at the scene, a search was conducted, and the other suspect was apprehended in a yard.

A search was subsequently carried out in the yard of the 21st Century building, and one claw bar, a drill, and other items were discovered in a bag in the yard.

The suspects were placed into custody at the Alberttown Police Station pending investigation and the items were lodged.

Investigations are ongoing.


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