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‘Don King’ arrested with unlicenced pistol, ammo 

Whitney Welcome called ‘Don King,’ 32 of First Avenue Bartica, was arrested on Saturday for allegedly having an unlicenced 9mm pistol and six live matching rounds of ammunition.

Reports are that at about 10:48h, Police acting on information received intercepted motor vehicle PAB 8976 at First Street Bartica, driven by Welcome. 

However, Welcome drove away from the Police and headed to Mongrippa Hill, Bartica,  where he ran into the office of a 30-year-old Businessman with the ranks in pursuit. The ranks caught up with him inside the businessman’s office. 

When questioned, the businessman related to the ranks that Welcome ran into his office and put a firearm under his counter. 

One of the ranks searched and found one black 9MM Pistol containing six matching rounds of ammunition. 

The serial number on the firearm was filed off, and the maker’s name was not visible. 

Welcome was told of the offence committed, cautioned, and admitted ownership of the firearm. He was arrested and escorted with the firearm to Bartica Police Station. 

Welcome is in custody pending charges.



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