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The PNCR wishes to express its disappointment and dismay over the decision of Director of Public Prosecution, Shalimar Ali-Hack, SC, to discontinue the charge against attorney-at-law Nirvan Singh, son of former Chancellor of the Judiciary, Carl Singh.

Nirvan Singh, it is to be recalled, was recently charged for using racial slurs towards an Afro-Guyanese policewoman, Ms. Shawnette Bollers, who was assigned to guard his residence.

The decision of the DPP must be widely condemned on two grounds. Firstly, she provided no explanation of her decision on this nationally-significant case. Accordingly, she has denied citizens the opportunity to be edified on how she interprets violations under the Racial Hostility Act, Cap. 23:01. This is a major disservice to the Guyanese people whom the DPP is expected to serve. The DPP seems to be condoning racism rather than operating based on the law.

Secondly, the Director did not extend the courtesy of formally communicating her decision to the aggrieved party, Ms. Bollers, and her lawyer. Such an omission can only be described as flagrantly disrespectful. The DPP is clearly not operating in the interest of this Guyanese citizen to whom a wrong was allegedly done.

Understandably, the actions of the DPP will be seen by many as not only unprofessional and unprincipled, but also as a decision influenced by considerations of politics, race, and social status. Clearly, she is not impartial and is disqualifying herself.

It is also apposite to recall that the DPP had to be rebuked by at least one judge from the CCJ for her lack of professionalism and what appears to be her using her suspicions as if proven in a court of law. The DPP is again manifesting her bias.

The PNCR therefore fully supports the decision of Ms. Bollers, as reported by her lawyer, to take the case all the way to the CCJ. Her determination to fight for justice should serve as inspiration for us all. Ms. Bollers is assured of the support not only of the PNCR but also all those who want to rid Guyana of the scourge of Racism.

The PNCR notes the silence of the PPP on this matter and sees them as complicit in the cover up of this crime, having by their actions over the years created conditions for such racial attacks to occur. Even more, the DPP is known to work in concert with, and at the direction of this incompetent, corrupt and divisive regime.


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