Driver fined $45,000 for failure to comply with police among other charges in Berbice


Following the circulation of a video on social media, a driver in the Berbice district has pleaded guilty to a number of charges that had been read to him at the Albion Magistrate’s Court.
According to information from the court, Ewart Austin aka Uewe was arrested for Prohibitation of Tinted motor vehicle, Failure comply with police direction, Failure to produce drivers license, Failure exhibit revenue license and certificate of fitness and Dangerous Driving.
The 27 year old appeared before Magistrate Singh on Tuesday September 21 where he was fined $5,000 for a tinted motor vehicle, $20,000 for dangerous driving and $20,000 for failure to comply with police directions.
Further he was warned by the Magistrate about his failure to produce a driver’s license. Austin’s Failure to exhibit certificate of fitness and revenue license charge was reprimanded and subsequently discharged.


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