Driver hospitalised following head on collision with speeding motor lorry


A driver is currently suffering from lacerations to his face and injuries about his body in the New Amsterdam hospital after a speeding motor lorry (# GHH 1566) slammed into his car ( #PJJ 8191) early Tuesday evening along the # 63 Public Road, Corentyne, Berbice.

The injured man has been identified as Keith Griffith and the serious accident is said to have occurred around 18:10h on the above-mentioned roadway.

Reports are that the motor lorry (#GHH 1566) was speeding South along the Eastern driving lane of the # 63 Public Road, Corentyne, with three (3) occupants and while negotiating a right bend in the road, the driver lost control of his vehicle and swerved West, resulting in a head on collision with the motorcar (#PJJ 8191) which was proceeding North along the Western driving lane of the said road at a normal rate of speed.

According to a police statement, the collision caused the car (# PJJ 8191) to spin once where it remained facing Southwards while the motor lorry (#GHH 1566) continued further South and  collided into a concrete culvert then ended up in a trench situated on the Western side of the said road.

“As a result of the accident, damages were done to both vehicles while the driver of the motorcar received injuries about his body. He was taken out of his vehicle by public spirited  citizens in a semi-conscious  condition and taken to Skeldon Public Hospital where he was seen and examined by a doctor who treated and transferred him to New Amsterdam Public  Hospital where he was further seen and examined  by the doctor on duty who admitted him in the accident and emergency department suffering from lacerations to his face. His condition is regarded as stable.”

According to the cops, as a result of the injuries Griffith sustained, he was unable to provide a specimen of his breath for a breath alcohol test.

“The driver of the motor lorry was arrested, and a breathalyzer  test conducted on him which gave a reading of zero. Notice of intended prosecution has been served on the driver of motor lorry #GHH 1566 who is presently in custody assisting with the investigation.”


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