Driver suffering head injuries, fractured ribs while pedestrian nurses broken leg following accident with speeding cop


A 28-year-old driver is now hospitalized with several wounds about his body, inclusive of head injuries and fractured ribs, after a Constable attached to the Police Officers’ Training Centre, Eve Leary, Georgetown, lost control of his car (# PSS 6964) while speeding and slammed into his stationary vehicle (#PNN 5675) long the Houston Public Road, East Bank Demerara (EBD) on Sunday.

The badly injured man has been identified as Ryan Chandra of Garnett and Delph Streets, Campbelville.

Meanwhile, 22-year-old Sohanlall Lochan of Fourth Street, Alexander Village, Georgetown, who was a pedestrian at the time of the accident, is now suffering from a broken leg after the 23-year-old cop’s car slammed into him.

HGP Nightly News understands that the serious accident took place around 03:05h on the Eastern carriageway along the Eastern driving lane of the Houston Public Road, EBD, in the vicinity of D’Aguiar’s Park.

Reports are that the policeman’s motorcar #PSS6964) was proceeding South along the Eastern driving lane of the Eastern carriageway of the above-mentioned road at a fast rate of speed.

According to a police statement, Chandra’s vehicle (#PNN 5675) was stationary along the Eastern driving lane of the said carriageway, facing south, and Chandra was seated in the driver’s seat of his car while Lochan was standing on the Eastern driving lane of the said carriageway behind Chandra’s vehicle (# PNN 5675).

The 23-year-old Police Constable claimed that while he was proceeding South on the said road in the vicinity of D’Aguiar’s Park, he lost control of his vehicle (#PSS 6964) which began to spin several times and in the process slammed into Lochan, who had been standing and facing South, at the rear of motor car (#PNN 5675).

“The impact caused the pedestrian to be pitched into the drain on the Eastern side of the said road, whilst said motorcar (#PSS 6964) further collided to the rear portion of the other vehicle (#PNN5675), which turned turtle. As a result of the collision both vehicles received extensive damage while the pedestrian and both drivers received injuries about their bodies. The driver of motorcar (#PSS 6964) and the pedestrian were picked up in a conscious state, with help from public spirited citizens, and placed into an ambulance which came up at the scene shortly after the accident occurred.”

At the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), the cop was seen and examined by a doctor on duty, who treated him for injuries to his forehead before sending him away.

“The pedestrian was seen and examined by a doctor on duty who admitted him a patient suffering a broken leg. The driver of motor car (#PNN5675) was placed in a second ambulance and taken to the GPHC where he was seen and examined by a doctor on duty who diagnosed head injuries and fractured ribs.”

Investigations continue.


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