Elections 2020 Update


APNU+AFC declares victory

While the People’s Progressive Party has shared their statements of poll, Khemraj Ramjattan has announced during the APNU+AFC’s press conference today that his party has won, however the PPP does not want to concede.

“Based on the SOPs that we have, we have won the elections and the PPP does not want to concede that although they themselves have those SOP’s,” Mr. Ramjattan said.

Mr. Ramjattan also added that the APNU+AFC asks for maximum restraint and allow GECOM to decide.

Russians interference

As it relates to reports on Russian’s involvement in the elections, Mr. Ramjattan said that there were three persons; one out of Russia and another with a Russian background, speaking to leading members of the PPP at the Marriot Hotel. According to Ramjattan, those individuals were subsequently deported on elections day after their intelligence realised that there was some conspiracy to tap into GECOM ‘s computer system.

Business community at halt

The developments at GECOM’s Annex on High Street on Thursday is creating concern for the business community but even so, the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry would like to see business return to normal.

The President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI), Mr. Nicholas Boyer said, “It’s important that we get pass this process and get back to some normalcy to allow the nation to heal and just move forward.”

Mr. Boyer noted that businesses are at a standstill and staff around the city are afraid to go to work not because they have received a statement from the GCCI but because of fear.

He further added the body isn’t expecting major disruption but when bomb threats are phoned into GECOM, its cause for concerns.


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