Among the challenges, the City Police faced in 2018 was its inability to fully perform its duties to the city. Chief Constable Andrew Foo said that an employment freeze prohibited the growth of the unit. Javone Vickerie reports.

Currently, the strength of the City Constabulary is 255. What is needed is in excess 300 more ranks. The majority of city police are hired as security personnel through an auxiliary unit which is mandated to provide security to several aspects of the City Council’s operations.

In an interview with Chief Constable Andrew Foo, he explained that the city policing unit is restricted from performing its mandated responsibilities due to a shortage of manpower. He said that shortly after requesting additional ranks to complement the current number of ranks back in 2018, the council placed a freeze on employment.

The Chief Constable further noted that another challenge which continues to plague the unit is constant allegations of misdemeanors reported against city ranks. He said that in most cases, unprofessional behavior is due to the lack of training.

He stated that in most instances, the lack of evidence to support many of the claims result in little or no action being taken against ranks who may be errant.

Nightly News was informed that during a recent engagement between the city constabulary and the treasury department, it was acknowledged that there was a dire need for funds for the unit. Provisions are expected to be made in the council’s 2019 budget.


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